Web and Mobile Apps

We develop, design and host complex applications for the Web, Facebook, Twitter etc. and mobile platforms like iPhone/iOS, Android etc.

Our Services

  • Web application programming
  • Mobile app development
  • Usability and user experience
  • Project management
  • Cloud computing for high availability web and mobile server

Web Applications

We make extensive use of the Drupal content management framework to deliver the same secure, flexible and leading technology that led the White House and many large and small companies to choose it.

We build solutons for Facebook using the Facebook Open Graph API and legacy Rest API using Drupal. The same goes for other social media solutions with the Twitter API, Skype and the Foursquare API.

Mobile Apps

We develop mobile apps for the following platforms:

  1. iOS: iPhone and iPad / Objective C
  2. Android / Java
  3. Windows Phone 7 / dot Net

Usability and User Experience

We analyze the usability of web sites using heat maps, expert appraisals and focus groups. See our portfolio of sites for examples of effective user experiences.

Project Management

We manage projects using the proven agile method Scrum as a service for our clients.

Projects usually involve the optimization of functionality, time and resources (budget). Scrum is a method suited for quick development of applications in a short period of time with a given amount of resources.

We have successfully applied the Scrum method to deliver projects on time and on budget for our clients.

IT Infrastructure

Many applications like online shops need to run 7 x 24 x 365. Some applications like news sites or financial sites need to deal with sudden peaks in traffic. Others need to provide constant fast performance.

We use our know-how in high performance and high availability server infrastructure to create server environments to handle the demands of web and mobile applications.

We have experience with Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure and also provide dedicated and secure hosting solutions in Switzerland, Germany and other EU countries.

Contact us for a free briefing about advanced web and mobile applications.