Social and Ecommerce

We design and build attractive and secure Ecommerce (shop) and social commerce (Facebook etc.) solutions.

Our Services

  • Facebook commerce: development
  • Ecommerce: implementation
  • Social commerce: development & integration
  • Advertising and conversion optimization
  • Secure payments: bank transfers, invoicing, credit cards, PayPal etc.

Facebook Commerce

The explosive growth of Facebook and the evolution of its platform to accomodate powerful third party applications, has made it a very attractive ingredient in any Ecommerce strategy.

Other social media are also becoming an important touch point for attracting more customers, especially those belonging to Generation Y.

We deliver solutions that allow clients to make purchases without having to leave their Facebook environment.

Ecommerce and Payments

The classic web based shop usually serves as the backbone for social commerce. We implement shop solutions using standard ecommerce technologies like Drupal Commerce, Ubercart, Oxid Esales and Magento.

We implement stand alone shops and those integrated with an ERP or other existing backend. These implementations use standard, modular software that we style and adapt for our customers' needs.

We support many payment providers for credit cards, direct bank payments, invoicing, Paypal etc. in our shops.

Social Commerce

In many cases, an existing shop solution can be integrated with Facebook or Twitter to use these social media platforms as an additional customer acquisition channel. This is often a quick starting point for a broader social commerce strategy.

We offer consulting and integration services to integrate existing ecommerce solutions with social media.

Advertising and Conversion

Anolim executes advertising campaigns to help potential customers find a shop on the web.

We provide consulting services to optimize shops to improve conversions. Shops that are customized for specific marketing campaigns deliver much better conversions and more sales.

Contact us for a FREE briefing about our e-commerce and f-commerce solutions. We will be happy to share our expertise in building advanced Facebook commerce solutions with you and get you off to a flying start.

Ecommerce Technology

We use modular and proven tools like Drupal Commerce and Übercart to build flexible commerce solutions with seamless integration into websites and backends.

Technology, platforms, interfaces and APIs are evolving fast - Anolim shares its expertise with clients to help pick the best solutions and implement them efficiently.