Interactive PHP Shell for Drupal

There are many tools that us, the drupal developers, use everyday to have our work done. One of the tools that I use very often lately is an interactive php shell. 
It is called phpsh and here is the description from
“phpsh is an interactive shell for php that features readline history, tab completion, quick access to documentation. It was developed at Facebook and ironically, is written mostly in python.

CMS-Technologien für Next Generation Websites

Hier sind die Slides meiner Präsentation bei der Internet Briefing Konferenz zum Thema "Next Generation Websites bauen"

Die Ecommerce Landschaft rundum Drupal

Das Video von meinem Vortrag zu diesem Thema an der Drupal Commerce Camp am 2. September in Luzern.

Feedback und Ergänzungen sind willkommen.

Abodienste und Zahlungen mit Drupal Commerce / Ubercart

Hier ist das Video von meinem Vortrag zum Thema online Abodienste und wiederholdende Zahlungen.

Feedback ist wie immer Willkommen.

Use Case: Subscriptions and Recurring Payments with Drupal Commerce / Ubercart

Here are the slides of my second presentation at the Drupal Commerce Camp in Luzern, Switzerland on 2 September 2011.

Your feedback and suggestions are most welcome - leave your comments below.

The Ecommerce Landscape in and around Drupal

Here is my presentation at the Drupal Commerce Camp on 2 September 2011.

Your comments and suggestions on the topic are most welcome.

11 Things I Like About Google+

  1. Visual: an awesome implementation of group video. This is a killer function not only for "hanging out" with friends and family, but for business as well.
  2. Freedom: I can just follow anybody I like by adding them to a circle and start seeing their posts immediately. The followed person receives a notification, but doesn't have to reciprocate - similar to Twitter.

Vortrag: Social Shopping und Facebook Commerce

Hier sind die Slides von Prodosh Banerjee's Vortrag zum Thema "Social Shopping und Facebook Commerce".


Top 10 Reasons to use Drupal

Anolim makes extensive use of the Drupal Content Management System and we have summarized the top ten most important reasons to use Drupal here:

  1. Reliable: the use of proven, market leading technology means low risk. Drupal is used by the President of the USA for the web site.

How to import your Blog into Facebook

When we set up our Absolutely No Limts (Anolim) page on Facebook, we integrated the Anolim Blog with it. So you can now follow our blog on Anolim's Facebook Notes page

Frohe Weihnachten und einen guten Rutsch ins Jahr 2010!

Liebe Kunden, Freunde und Bekannte

Wir vom Anolim-Team bedanken uns recht herzlich für die tolle Unterstützung im vergangenen Jahr und blicken bereits voller Vorfreude auf das Kommende.

Aus diesem Grund möchten wir  bereits heute auf unseren 1. Jahres-Kick-off-Apéro hinweisen, welcher am 27. Januar 2010 (Abends) stattfinden wird. Eine gute Gelegenheit, mit uns das neue Jahr einzuläuten und uns über die neuesten Entwicklungen im Webbereich unterhalten zu können. Genauere Details folgen Anfang Januar.

Nun wünschen wir Euch ein besinnliches Fest im Kreis der Lieben und einen erfolgreichen Rutsch ins neue Jahr, in welchem sich Eure beruflichen wie auch privaten Ziele erfüllen sollen.

Wir freuen uns auf die weitere Zusammenarbeit.

Working with Content in the Information Age

What is content? Is it data? I like to think of content as the machine (computer) representation of information.

The word data usually conjures up visions of tables in relational databases, SQL, stored procedures, various normal forms, keys, indexes etc. Data in relational database tables is great when it comes to sifting through millions of rows spread across many tables to give us what we are looking for.

Presentation "Why Drupal is popular in the Media"

Here are the slides for the talk Lukas and me gave about why Drupal is popular in the Media at the Drupal Media Camp 2009 in Aarau, Switzerland.

Web Technology Trends presentation

Here are the slides for the talk I gave at the Techtalk hosted by the Internet Briefing on 7 April 2009 in Zürich, Switzerland.

Drupal Media Camp

On behalf of Anolim I have been active in the organization of the Drupal Media Camp on 8-9 May 2009 in Aarau, Switzerland. Two of the big media users of Drupal  in Switzerland the publisher Edipresse and Radio DRS will be attending - in fact Edipresse is sponsoring the event.

This event will be offering lots of interesting presentations about Drupal and the Media. Themes being covered include things like how Drupal can help with developing solutions for media platforms or the technical nitty gritty about Drupal's media modules for photo, video and audio handling and of course how to mashup / tie this all together with communities and existing services on the web like flickr, twitter, youtube, facebook etc.

Head over to Drupal Media Camp Registration to sign up for the event.

There is still room for interesting presentations - head over to Call for Speakers if you have something interesting to share with (potential) users and the Drupal community. This is an international event and there will be presentations in English and German.

Web Technology Trends

Today I gave a talk to a group of my peers at the Internet Briefing group where I examined some of the trends in the areas of:

A lively discussion followed. Judging by the number of questions, there was a lot of interest among participants about the potential of the semantic Web. I highlighted two of the standards, RDFa and SPARQL that are available today e.g. in Web Content Frameworks like Drupal. Semantically marking up content can also lead to better search experiences using for example Yahoo's SearchMonkey.

An important component of Tim Berners-Lee's vision of the semantic web is to enable more automated processing of information. This would allow us to start thinking about the web as a giant database which is what makes SPARQL an interesting standard. See Tim Berners-Lee's talk about his vision for linked data in this TED video

Building a Community Site with Drupal

At the recently concluded Drupalcamp in Cologne in January, 2009, I organized a workshop about building a community site with Drupal. It was a lively workshop with lots of questions and suggestions. I didn't get through as many features as I wanted to cover, so I have put the workshop online at for those of you who are interested to follow it and continue the workshop online.

Drupalcon Szeged 2008 Roundup

Drupalcon Szeged 2008 demonstrated that the Drupal community is as vibrant as ever and Drupal itself is maturing as a product and as a community. (See references for a list of links relevant to the conference.)