11 Things I Like About Google+

  1. Visual: an awesome implementation of group video. This is a killer function not only for "hanging out" with friends and family, but for business as well.
  2. Freedom: I can just follow anybody I like by adding them to a circle and start seeing their posts immediately. The followed person receives a notification, but doesn't have to reciprocate - similar to Twitter.
  3. No limitation: I decide how long or short I want my post to be. So I could use a long Google+ post like a blog post by making it public. No inane 140 character limit :-)
  4. Intuitive: Drag and drop works almost everywhere. Drag a photo, video or url into the share box and it gets attached.
  5. Integration: share a message with a single person and the message is automatically private. Bet you knew that, but did you know that the message automatically shows up in the Gmail account your Google+ profile is associated with?
  6. "Ad hoc circles": share a message with any number of individuals by typing their G+ names and only they see the message.
  7. People: a lot of my favourites are already on Google+.
  8. Discover: it doesn't get much easier to track keywords than with Sparks. Search a keyword and if you like the results click "Add Interest".
  9. Filter: It is so incredibly easy to filter the stream by circles. I get to choose what to see and what not, unlike Facebook, where they decide what to show me or not.
  10. Privacy management: again this is so much simpler than Facebook's.
  11. Fun: Google+ simply is fun to use.

Kudos to the G+ team. Who said engineers can't make good products?

Did I miss out on things you like about G+? What would you add to this list?

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